Bahia Kino/Kino Bay

Kino Bay is located on the Eastern shore of the Sea of Cortez, 65 miles west of the state capital, Hermosillo, and 235 miles from Nogales, Arizona.

The community is geographically divided into two parts; Kino Viejo, the old fishing village wherein one finds the gas station, grocery stores, schools, etc., and New Kino, which extends for 6 miles along the beach, and where most of the beach homes, motels, restaurants and condominiums are located. The residents of New Kino are almost equally divided between Mexican citizens and foreigners, primarily from the United States; many of whom live here year around. It is not an American colony, but rather a nice blend of cultures. English though, is the predominate language, and even in Kino Viejo, ,most of those in the service industries are bilingual. One can always find someone to help with the local language.

The white sand beach is one of the most beautiful in Mexico. All beaches in Mexico are owned by the Federal government, so everyone has free access, and can sun bathe, collect shells, watch dolphins, or picnic on the shade of palm roofed palapas wheter or not they own property right on the beach.

Life in Kino Bay is laid back. Everything one needs is readily available.

There is good emergency care, a modern ambulance service, but the place avoids the frantic pace of most resorts. It is a friendly place given to informal cook-outs, or dinners in one of several reasonable priced, but good restaurants.

The area enjoys a pressurized system of potable water. One might safe drink right from the tap, but you can always have purified bottle water delivered to your door, from one of the local purification water plants in Kino.

The local airport has a 4,000. ft. paved runway, and the Hermosillo International airport is only 65 miles away via paved highway. Rental cars and taxi or hourly bus service to Kino Bay is available there. A divided Highway 15 from Nogales to Hermosillo offers to stop lights but plenty of gas station and restaurants.

The economy of Bahia Kino is based upon commercial fishing and tourism. A sizeable shrimp fleet is based here from September to May each year, supplementing the local oyster farms and the fish markets; and of course, the Sea of Cortez is one of the finest sport fishing waters in the world. Charles Kruztow called it the biggest Acuarium of the world.

Club Deportivo, a sport and social club with about 500 active members, operates “rescue one” radio, on both VHF and CB, to keep in touch with all boats in the area. specially those launched here, and to send help promptly to those in need. Boat –launching ramps, and a radio controlled launch and retrieval service is available for a small fee.

The Seri Indians, who carved beautiful figures of ironwood and weave some of the finest baskets in the world live nearby, and are often seen selling these along the streets.

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